Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Eerie thing happen: Eerie thing happened

Eerie thing happen: Eerie thing happened: "This is a true story of what happened at my former work place. It doesn't sound real but it actually happened. After being off for the w..."

Eerie thing happened

This is a true story of what happened at my former work place.  It doesn't sound real but it actually happened. 

After being off for the weekend, I came back to work on a Monday morning.  I quickly clocked myself in and started to open the kitchen since I was the opening cook on this day.  My supervisor suddenly called me into the office because she wanted to tell me of something that happened on my days off.  She said she didn't know what had occurred but the 2 closing cooks had been freaked out.  They said they were closing up and one of them was finishing mopping the floors.  He had just finished mopping the dry storage room and was putting the mop bucket away.  He came back to the storage room to close and lock it up when he noticed a single bare footprint right in the middle of the just mopped floor.

He started to freak out since they weren't supposed to be anyone else in the building besides the closing crew.  Him and the other closer then started to check the outside dining room and the bathrooms for anyone hiding in them.  Sometimes the customers would be hiding in there maybe to take some liquor home with them after everyone had left.  But when they went to check there was no one in there.  So the first cook went and remopped the floor and took off the bare footprint and then they hastily left the building.  They left the lights on and high tailed it out of there not knowing where the footprint came from.

When my supervisor told me of this she wanted to know if anything like that had ever happened before since I was one of the original workers at this bar.  I told her no not that I know of but that bare footprint reminded me of someone who had been coming to the bar for a short time.

There was a woman who had come all the way from Canada to Las Vegas to see her ex-boyfriend who was working as a bartender there.  She just showed up out of the blue one day and surprised even her ex.  He didn't know how she managed to make her way to this side of the border since she had very little or no money at all.  She started to act as if she wanted to get back together with her ex and rekindle something.  He said he didn't understand why but he was happy to see her.  She would come into the bar everytime that he worked and sit at the end waiting until he would get off his shift so they could be together.  He got her a room at a local motel and he stayed with her there.  She was here maybe about 3 weeks then suddenly she overdosed on drugs and killed herself.  She also left behind a 3 page suicide note stating that she blamed her ex for starting her on drugs and the bar for taking him away from her and she also blamed a few of the employees for other reasons not known to me.  I asked them why she was blaming them but they (employees) couldn't figure it out either.  The downtown investigators had to come out and interview everyone that was named in the letter, of course, to see why she would have done this to herself.  The only thing that came out was that she was despondent over her drug use and her inability to get off of them and that she has ruined her life.  Well, the reason why the bare footprint reminded of her was that one time when she had come into the bar waiting for her ex to get off, I noticed that she wasn't wearing any shoes.  She didn't have them with her either.  I think she left them in the car outside.  That's when I noticed that the bottom of her feet were solid black from walking around on public streets without shoes.  Someone had said that she didn't like to wear shoes and where she came from it was normal not to wear them.  Well, here in Vegas you must wear something or you'll be kicked out of facilities.  I guess no one noticed them until I did. 

So the bare footprint, I think, came from her trying to look for her ex who by then had quit and gone back to Canada.  She just happened to be walking through when the cook had mopped the floors and that made an impression on the floor.  I don't know if everyone will believe this story but it really did happen.  I could go on about the after life and if it exists or it doesn't.  I've had many encounters with the paranormal that I didn't realize that were paranormal.  It really makes you think about ghosts and what this universe and other planes are capable of manifesting.